art by Tom Vukmanic -

By either flatbed printing or a dye sublimation process, we can help bring your artwork to life by printing on a variety of materials.

Flatbed Printing

Dye Sub

Flatbed printing can produce prints on a wide variety of materials - including metal, plastic, wood, etc. The maximum size available is 48 x 72"

Dye Sublimation is the process of infusing the image on the metal through heat. This process produces images with high luminosity and durability. We offer dye sub up to 48 x 72".


With Dye Sub, Glossy White, Glossy Silver, Semi-Gloss White, and Matte White are available at not additional cost. The shop cat Fitz is showing off the different finishes below.

Glossy White (left) and Glossy Silver (right)

Semi-Matte White (left) and Matte White (right)


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