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Happy Solstice! As you can see, we have redesigned the website! We wanted to make the browsing and ordering experience easier for everyone along with a sleeker, modern design. We hope you enjoy it!

One part that is still missing is the Artist Prints portion of the website. We are working to also redesign this - building a cleaner store front and easier checkout. It's coming along quickly and hopefully should be live soon. We will announce when that is back live.

Until then - we hope you find time to enjoy the summer!


MORE THAN A PRINT: Rework Your Work

A recent trend we have noticed here at BACP is the process of artists working back into their digital prints. Whether it be canvas or paper, reproductions or photography, many artists decide to take their prints to the next level by layering on pencil, ink, collage, or paint. We love the concept of digital printing as a step in the artistic process, so we asked a couple artists to share their process to help inspire your next mixed media masterpiece.

CANVAS MEDIA: Benjamin Arizmendi

Our canvas prints are designed with a wide range of uses in mind. We print on Satin or Matte canvas with archival inks and varnish with a water-base sealant that is safe to paint either Oil or Acrylics based media over. We offer the canvas print stand alone or mounted on gallery wraps. The gallery wraps are stretched over our high quality, in house custom made stretcher bars , so you can work back into them with confidence.

Over the last 6 months, BACP has worked with Benjamin Arizmendi, an artist here in Oakland, to print his photo and digital works on canvas gallery wraps. He finishes the prints with selective oil painting to make the work come alive. Here is what he has to say about his process:

You can find more of Benjamin's work on his website: Arizmendi Gallery


ART PAPER MEDIA: Julie-Ann Cesareo with Edison Elementary

Reworking prints is not just limited to canvas gallery wraps. With the right preparation, new layers can be added to paper prints. BACP offers a wide variety of fine art papers to work with - ranging from the durable and economical Enhanced Matte paper to the highest standard of Moab papers. We always work with you to find the right media for the job.

Recently, we helped Julie-Ann Cesareo on her project with a 5th grade class at Edison Elementary School in Alameda. She wanted to incorporate the student's quotes of how they see themselves in the future into a mixed media piece that will be sold at a fundraising auction for the school.

Julie-Ann briefly described the process for us:

"The print was glued onto the canvas and covered with a clear, matte gel medium to create a suitable painting surface (as opposed to painting right on top of the paper). After that, I applied layers of acrylic, transparent glazes over the text keeping it transparent enough to read the words."

The results are like any collage with the extra touch of the customized quotes of the students. We had fun with this print, especially getting to read some of the students future dreams.

You can find this piece and others for auction here: EdisonPTA Art Auction


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